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Schedule Change Request

2021-2022 Schedule Change Request Forms are accepted until August 27. After that, schedules will be finalized for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.


*Please note -- some schedules will change as we balance classes and cohorts.  Be sure to check Campus and follow whatever is posted there.

1. Review all of the guidelines and instructions below before requesting adjustments.

2. To make a request that follows the stated guidelines, select the appropriate counselor link below.

3. All schedule change requests must be submitted to the appropriate counselor. Schedule changes may be subject to parent approval, administrative approval and class availability, without exceeding maximum class size.

**NOTE:  As we are bound by guidelines from the Governor and the Department of Health, we must maintain class sizes within our cohorts which allow us to operate safely.  Therefore, changes will only be considered if they meet one of the criteria below.

Schedule changes will be considered for the following reasons:

  • Seniors who need a course to fulfill a graduation requirement
  • Students would like to opt into a more appropriate level of the course
  • Students who have not met the required prerequisites to be in the course
  • A clear error has been made (same class twice, wrong grade level, etc…)
  • A special services need is required (SPED/EL/504 Plan)

Schedule changes will NOT be made for the following reasons:

  • Requests for a class to be a specific hour (*This includes moving a study hall to a specific period)
  • Requests for a specific teacher
  • Requested change would exceed class size capacity
  • Requests to change an elective course to a different elective course will be considered if it fits in the schedule and does not exceed class size capacity