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Award programs, Camps, Conferences, Workshops, and college & career preparation

Aspirations in Computing Awards Program: This award honors high school students who identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary for their computing-related achievements and interests. Award recipients are selected based on computing and I.T. aptitude, leadership ability, academic history, and plans for post-secondary education. Watch the VIDEO and go HERE to read more about the program. Applications open Sept. 1 and close October 20. Gain access to paid internships, job shadow experiences, virtual mentor matches, skill-building events, prizes, and much more!

Engineering Machine Design Contest: 2022 Theme: Transforming Space Technology.  The Engineering Machine Design Contest is an opportunity for teams of 3-12 students to design and build a complex machine using everyday objects with the guidance of a coach. The completed machine will use multiple steps to complete a simple task. Teams showcase and exhibit their machine at a regional contest with the opportunity to advance to the Engineering Machine Design Championship. Teams are scored on a Team Journal, Team Presentation, and Machine Design and Operation. Learn more HERE. Contact Mr. Lynch if you want to form a team.

High School Mathematical Modeling Contest (HiMCM): COMAP's Middle School/Level Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MidMCM) and High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) are international contests designed to provide students with the opportunity to work as team members to engage in and improve their math modeling, problem-solving, and writing skills. Teams from your school apply mathematics to model and develop a solution to a real-world problem.  LEARN MORE / REGISTER HERE.

TWIST EPIC Award: TWIST EPIC Awards began in 2017 as a program to support local schools and organizations in the community and to encourage girls to celebrate their achievements in STEM. The TWIST EPIC Awards recognize and honor 25 high school girls from the Twin Cities for their dedication to STEM. These young women demonstrate engagement, passion, innovation, and curiosity (EPIC) within these fields and TWIST encourages them to continue pursuing this path.  APPLY HERE or NOMINATE a Student HERE or use the QR code below.

First page of the PDF file: twist-epic-poster-qr1

Work Experiences (job shadow, internships, jobs, service learning):


Career Coaching:

Career Coaching: This will include Simple activity allowing students to identify their top core values.  These values are critical in guiding people as they identify career fields that are the best fit for them. 

  • reviewing your high school classes and credits
  • discussing post-high school plans
  • looking at your strengths and interests and how those might apply to a potential career

We will also look at the various opportunities through STEM that will enhance your job readiness and resume, plus help analyze any possible barriers that may stand in your path and look at ways in which those can be overcome.

In addition to your school counselor, you might also meet with Mr. Lynch or one of our career coaches for coaching sessions.  You could make an appointment with any one of us over Schoology.  To make an appointment with your school counselor stop by the student services office to set something up or call 952-431-8218.  Your school counselor is determined by your last name:

                Ms. Gustafson A-C   Mr. Perkins D- He.  Ms. Fogolin Hf-Mek.  Ms. Schmidt Mel-Roo.   Ms. Perkins Rop-Z”



Naviance:  Contains Supermatch college search/selection system.  Click HERE to access.  Your user name is your school email address (  Use the same password you use to login to Schoology & Collab.  

Traitify Personality Assessment – The Dakota-Scott Workforce Development Board procured Traitify for use by residents of Dakota and Scott counties. Traitify is a visual personality assessment tool that recommends careers, jobs, and education based on personality and preference data. Users swipe through a short series of images, answering “Me” or “Not Me” to generate individualized results in about 90 seconds. It’s accurate, fast, free, and fun. Take the survey here!

High 5 Strengths Test: Free test to determine your top 5 strengths and how they might apply to future career fields. Access test HERE.

Value Sort Activity:  During your sessions, you will be discussing all aspects of your potential educational pathways that will lead to a good career match. Complete activity HERE.  

STEM Career Aptitude Quiz: Simple quiz to find out which career areas would be the best fit for you. 

MyNextMove – Career exploration tool that allows you to explore careers in a variety of ways. Also contains access to an interest profile tool to help you better identify what you would like to do for careers if you are not sure. 

 GetMyFuture –  Career Exploration system Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.


Healthcare Career Exploration Websites: You may be interested in healthcare — but not quite sure what specific job or educational path you’d like to pursue. Here are two sites that can help: CareerWise and HealthCarePathway.

careeronestop  Career videos.  Learn more about various careers by viewing videos from professionals in these fields. 

BLS Career Outlook Information:  Resource to learn more about trends in career opportunities. 

 Skills Toolkit – Find the tool you need to research career information, training, or jobs.

Career and Educational Explorer: Career and Education Explorer allows students and others interested in a certain career field to review related job descriptions, education requirements, typical job titles, wages, hiring demand, and top industries. The tool merges the functions and data of two separate products, Career Profile and ISEEK, into a single entity.

2-Year Degree Career Examples: learn more about different types of careers that require a 2-year degree. This resource from ISG also lists what local colleges offer programs that will lead to those careers.

STEM Occupation Data Resource site:  Department of Labor Statistics site about STEM careers. 

O*net Online:  Great occupation exploration tool including career outlook tool. 

WIOA Dakota County Wanted Analytics & JobsUse this resources to find jobs and see what careers are highly sought in our area.

Learnability Quotient Assessment Tool – Technology is always changing and so is the workplace. Your Learnability Quotient (or LQ) reflects your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances and challenges throughout your work life.

College Search site:

If interested, please also visit the following website to learn more about the conversations our executives had at the World Economic Forum around Learnability, the skills revolution and gender parity –

SciGirls Stories: Real Women, Real Jobs: Inspiring real-life stories for all ages featuring Minnesota women in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). These are the innovators, problem-solvers and dreamers who live right next door, passionate about their work, hobbies, families and helping to make the world a better place. They motivate girls to pursue all kinds of interests and career paths.

SciGirls Women in STEM Videos Series of videos about women in a variety of STEM careers. 

Harvard Law To Allow Deferred Admissions, Hopes To Attract STEM Majors. The New York Times (5/3, Olson, Subscription Publication) reports that Harvard Law School announced Wednesday that it is “expanding a pilot program for Harvard undergraduates,” and will “allow juniors accepted from any college to defer admission as long as they finish college and spend at least two years working, studying or pursuing research or fellowships.” The program was started “to encourage students to gain work experience before entering law school and to encourage those studying science, technology, engineering or math to pursue the legal profession.” The Washington Post (5/3, Svrluga) reports that Harvard Law officials say they “particularly hope to lure students interested in science, technology, engineering and math fields to consider the law, since advanced technical knowledge and skills are in demand.” The piece quotes Associate Dean for Admissions and Strategic Initiatives Jessica Soban saying, “It’s incredibly valuable to have your attorney understand the underlying biology or the underlying coding systems or the underlying physics that are driving the legal questions.”

Increasing Diversity In STEM Workforce Requires Greater Exposure Of Young People To STEM Jobs. Dr. Marcus Bright, political commentator and executive director of Education for a Better America, writes at Diverse Education (5/3, Bright), on the lack of diversity in the STEM workforce, which he attributes to “an inept outreach to HBCUs and other producers of qualified STEM workers” as well as “a lack of large numbers of people of color in the STEM pipeline.” He recommends “more exposure for students at the K-12 level” as a remedy, and as a means of making “the requisite math courses needed for many STEM careers more relevant to students.” In college, he says students in relevant fields of study need “consistent exposure to opportunities in the STEM economy.”

Cyber Security Education Guide: Cyber security professionals, or information security analysts, have a wide range of responsibilities, but the crux of their job is to protect online data form being compromised. As more of our personal information is stored online, the more important it becomes to step up security.

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