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Performing arts students

Curricular Arts

As one of the big “A”s in the “AAA” philosophy at AVHS, we offer more than a dozen curricular classes in the performing arts (Dance, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music) as well as multiple course offerings in visual arts. All students are required to take at least one art credit but almost all AVHS students graduate with multiple art credits on their transcripts. 

Co-Curricular Arts

Our Co-Curricular Arts encourage students to explore the world, their place in it, and the human condition in a unique, creative, and important way. We are proud to say that the Arts are an important part of life at Apple Valley High School!

Bill Blatzheim

Arts & Activities Director,
Testing Coordinator

William Blatzheim



Arts & Activities Admin. Assistant, Bookkeeper

Shawn Stehly 

Public Performances

Public Performances