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Driver's Permit/License Procedures

*MN State Law requires a student under the age of 18 to be financially committed to a Driver's Ed program if they want to earn a permit.  Paying the AVHS fee of $302 indicates enrollment in our program, this is done on MyPaymentsPlus.  Once this is done, a student can pick-up their Blue Card from the AVHS security desk or main office and take the Permit test at a DMV or at home with a proctor.  A student may choose to wait until age 18 to get a permit and the $302 is not required, but they will not get Behind-The-Wheel training with this option.

**All info can be found on the DMV website; - use the 'Divisions' tab from the top left, then select 'Driver and Vehicle Services'.  Here you will find everything you need.


  1. Attend 30 hours of classroom Driver's Education (or complete 15 hours and be on the way to 30).  *Attendance is more important than your grade as far as the State of MN is concerned, but you still need to pass class to graduate AVHS.  
  2. Pay $302 in MyPaymentsPlus, which indicates enrollment in Behind-The-Wheel
  3. Pick up a Blue Card from the AVHS Security Desk or Main Office (Monday – Thursday 7:15 to 3:15) during the summer *If paid during the summer contact Mr. Scanlon about when it will be ready,
  4. PreApply for License/ID (Link is on the left under Driver Services)
  5. Sign up to take the Permit Test, click on this link first and then use the links provided to navigate to "Take the Online Class D Knowledge Exam" or "Schedule a Class D Knowledge Test".  Once you pass you will still need to process your application at the DMV with a parent, take a vision test, get your picture taken, and pay $15.50 for an ID card - bring your 2 forms of ID and know your Social Security Number.  After the above steps are completed, you are officially permitted and can legally drive under supervision.
  6. Check the Behind-The-Wheel instructor list, find your name and contact your instructor to setup 6 hours of drive time.  Please write down your instructor's name and contact info for the future - these lists were provided in class or included with your blue card.
  7. You will need to record 50 hours (15 at night) and hold your permit for at least 6 months before getting a provisional license on or after your 16th birthday (your 6 hours of behind the wheel with an instructor CANNOT towards your 50)
  8. To get a license; you must fill out an application and schedule a Road Test - use the links above

Contact Mr. Scanlon if you have questions and he will return your email as soon as he can.