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Language Services

Our Cultural Family Advocates (CFA) serve as a bridge between school, cultural and ethnically diverse students and families to increase awareness and participation for academic and social growth, while keeping their own sense of cultural identity. 

CFAs increase awareness, understanding and education for staff on how to work with the unique needs of our diverse student and parent/guardian population. They also provide technical assistance on how to improve communication in other languages to serve our diverse District 196 community. 

They support the Achievement and Integration Plan by working with culturally and ethnically diverse students, to increase and support over all participation and academic achievement. These staff members advise school staff in understanding the culture and expectations of diverse families, and serve as a liaison between the school district and diverse families in facilitating an understanding of school culture and expectations.

To leave a message in voice mail, dial 651-683-6969 and then enter the five digit extension found by the staff picture.

Cultural Family Advocates

Nimo Gedi

Nimo Gedi 

Somali, African and Middle Eastern Support


Veronica Ramos

Veronica Ramos 

Latino and Spanish-Speaking Support


Rick Stanton

Rick Stanton 

Black and African American Support

Voicemail: 82047

Jorja Valandra

Jorja Valandro 

American Indian Education Program Support

Voicemail: 37912