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Yearbook Information

To order a 2020-21 Yearbook, please go to:

The 2020-2021 Apple Valley High School Yearbook will be delivered to the school and available for pick this summer, in early August.  Due to the Covid Pandemic and the late start of many school activities, clubs, and events, the yearbook chose to go to a later delivery date so more of the school year’s happenings could be included in the yearbook.  Most performances didn’t happen until May, many clubs were unable to get started and have meetings until late fall/early winter, and many regular school life stories that the yearbook normally reports on weren’t happening until mid-year or later. 

Due to the later delivery, the yearbook is able to include all spring sports, performances, and events in the bound book rather than an additional spring supplement!

If students would like, they can purchase an Autograph Booklet in the main office for $5 (cash only) and have their friends sign that before the year is up. They can also sign up free and use Digital Autograph Pages at This service allows students to invite their friends to write a message and sign on digital pages, which then can be printed at home.

When the books arrive in August, we will publicize a pick-up date for students and families to get their yearbook via our social media pages and our school s’more newsletter.  If you should have further questions about the yearbook, please visit our school website or contact Leia Dolphy at or Kristin Blatzheim at