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2022 Yearbook

There are still yearbooks available for purchase on a limited basis.  If you would like to purchase a yearbook, you can buy one in the main office with cash or check (made out to Jostens) in the amount of $101.77 ($95+tax).  




2023 Yearbooks are being assembled!

Currently, we are calling on all seniors to help start the assembly of the 2022-23 yearbook. Here are the critical steps to ensure your senior portrait is in the yearbook:


Get your photo taken during school picture day second Thursday of the school year - September 8, 2022. All seniors take pictures on school picture day for updating IDs and the Student Information System


Get your senior portrait taken by an outside photographer. Photo requirements: To maximize the consistency of senior portraits, our yearbook staff will be requiring a vertical “head/shoulder” photo with no props (athletic equipment, instruments, etc.), no hats, no full body shots, and no filters. This type of portrait allows us to provide consistency in our photos, as well as offer the most clarity in the space provided. The yearbook staff reserves the right to crop any submitted picture to meet these expectations or ask the student/family for an alternate picture.


upload senior photo for yearbook

Submit a high-resolution JPG or PNG digitally to Jostens'. User ID information will be posted on the AVHS Here soon. Photographers, students, or parents can submit photos. Photos must be submitted by December 1, 2022 If a photo is not uploaded to Jostens by the deadline, the student’s Lifetouch picture will be used in its place. If a Lifetouch picture was not taken and no other photo was submitted, the senior will not have a picture in the yearbook.


Check the status of your submission

Beginning on October 1st, 2022 you can check the status of your student’s yearbook photo submission to see if it was received and approved.

STEP 4 (Optional)

Create and purchase a graduation ad (also called recognition, parent, or baby ad). Must meet senior portrait requirements (no props, inappropriate clothing, gestures, etc.) Cost is $40 for 1/8 PAGE or $65 for 1/4 PAGE, paid to Josten’s at the time of creation. Completed through JOSTENS'. a flier for how to do this will be available on our website later in the summer! Grad Ads are Due April 1, 2023.